Medialab łączy kulturę, aktywizm społeczny, edukację
i technologię. Tworzymy przestrzeń eksperymentu
i współpracy, dzielimy się wiedzą, szukamy rozwiązań.


status: zakończone

Bridging Digital is a cooperative European Erasmus + project focusing on innovative practices and enhancing the digital skills in the creative and informal education sectors. The partnership consists of four organizations from Greece, Poland, Scotland, and Sweden.

The overall aim is to create a cross-learning between the creative-, the educational- and the technical sectors. The project is a combination of learning digital techniques as well as examining and creating new artistic formats where digital techniques will be an integrated part of the artwork. Cultural projects have key roles in delivering informal learning: particularly at a time when artists and cultural workers must adjust to new demands of producing performances, stage events etc. in a different format, not learned at art schools and not used in the daily work before the entrance of the pandemics into the creative professional life.

City Culture Institut is involved in this project by Medialab Gdańsk.

Our idea for this project is combinig technology, media and culture to shov enourmous potentialf of digital sources especially from public domain. We want to suport cultural staff and creatives in using digital tools, popularize digital colections and reusing them.

What we plan is:

Series of activities: 

– workshops
– hackathons
– marathons of creation
– lectures and meetings, 

More on:​

See relation from Animaton:

and summary about idea of podcasting in library:

More about activities the rest of team – so our Partners from Sweden, Scotland and Greece – find you in this online publication!

IO3 Bridging Digital Ingredients Book

We’re excited to announce the release of “The Ingredients Book,” a publication that brings together all the findings of the Bridging Digital Erasmus+ project!

A big thank you to our partners from Scotland, Greece and Poland for their incredible contributions. Together, we tackled the digital world, exploring innovative methodologies and empowering artists and educators in the digital age.

Find our interactive publication here: Ingredients Book _Bridging Digital


Our Partners in project are: Intercult (Sweden), Fablevision (Szkocja), Hellenic Adult Eduation Association (Grecja);


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